Authorized representative of Vlemmix trailers

Authorized representative of Vlemmix trailers

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that Mobi House is the official representative of the Dutch company Vlemmix Aanhangwagens in Poland. All our projects are created using the Vlemmix platform. We also give you the opportunity to use this partnership in case you would like to order a small house trailer though us and build your tiny house yourself.

Vlemmix brand

Vlemmix brand

Vlemmix Aanhangwagens is today the most important trailer manufacturer in the Netherlands and the second largest in Germany. It manufactures boat trailers and tiny house trailers, as well as machine transporters. All products have a one-year warranty and an additional two-year warranty on the welded and hot-dip galvanized frame. In Poland, trailers of this brand are available through representatives, to which Mobi House belongs.

Vlemmixx Approval


Full road approval of the Vlemmix trailer throughout Europe allows it to move freely. To register the platform in Poland you need a certificate of compliance (C.O.C.), issued by the manufacturer in English and a "Declaration of data and information about the vehicle", also received from the manufacturer.

Transport Mobi House


Each trailer is made and priced on individual order. Customers can pick it up themselves from Mobi House or arrange their own transport directly from the manufacturer in the Netherlands. Approximate cost of transport on wheels is 550-650 EUR net.

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